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Offsite Services


At Digital Devices Group, we try to maximize off-site services so that you can minimize your on-site efforts, which is a great way to stretch your IT budget.

They allow you to:

  • Avoid unproductive costs like paying for travel and hourly minimums.
  • Keep support personnel out of your office or retail space.
  • Allow most of the routine maintenance to take place after hours.

IT Policy Development and Consulting:

Whether you need a complete IT policy developed from scratch, or need a knowledgeable person to review what you already have, we can bring over 20 years of experience to the task. We have been through countless scenarios and situations where clients get stuck with a technical issue - that's where we are called in.

Network Vulnerability Testing:

Many industries are required to do it; financial institutions are one of them. A vulnerability test will take a hard look at the inlets of your network to find bottlenecks that could be exploited by others to get into your network without your permission, and often without your knowledge. Wide assortments of both free and commercial tools are used to give you a complete picture.

Network Monitoring:

Your core business depends on your network being available 24X7. Even though you may not be working on a Thursday night, your computers are. They are doing backups, automatic updates, making sure that they can talk to their neighbors, and other things. You don't want to walk in to the office the next working day and find out that your computers are down and no one knew about it. Productivity comes to a screeching halt within minutes and you are paying people who can't do their work.

Digital Devices Group's monitoring system will keep a finger on the pulse of your network equipment and critical applications to insure that things are working as they should. If anything does not look right, we are notified instantly and protocols are followed to share the information with you. We will then, notify you and arrange for the problems to be corrected as soon as possible. Sometimes, we can even fix the problem remotely so that when you come to work, you are ready to tackle a new day.


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