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Data & Migration Management

With an established data migration services framework, our experts help organizations with a methodical approach to design, plan, and execute data and data centre migrations. We provide organizations with the business impact and risks associated with critical data movement as a result of consolidation, technology modernization, data centre migration or service improvement initiatives.

Cloud and Virtualization

Whether an organization is a provider of services looking to streamline their delivery model or just looking for enhancements to their internal approach, taking advantage of a cloud based operating model will support you those goals. We help companies visualize their future state model, plan and execute upon a selected model and work to fine tune their current model. Our services will help companies progress in the service delivery continuum. We will maximize the utilization of the company's resources as they progress to their desired state.

Backup and Storage

The management of data has never been more important. The benefits from maximum use, have never been as high. Therefore how we store it, control it, and support it, is core to an IT department's success or failure. At the same time no one has lost focus on cost control. Our consultants work with the company's IT department to assess their current position and properly plan for all contingencies related to the company's data needs for the future. We consider all previous expenditures and plan for a cost effective future.

Disaster Recovery

This service develops a disaster recovery capability designed to meet business specific requirements for application availability in the event of a total or partial disaster. Together, we rank and rate applications for recovery sequence and include consideration of interdependencies to ensure suite recovery. Business impact is scored empirically in a GH proprietary methodology and the data centre infrastructure is examined for the most effective recovery capabilities.

We make every effort to minimize additional hardware and attempts, where possible, to redeploy or repurpose existing infrastructure. Our consulting team also assists in assessment and selection of appropriately distanced DR sites.


DDG's security consulting team provides a broad array of IT security consulting services for both the Federal government and commercial markets. We work with companies to ensure their solutions meet both internal business needs, as well as external compliance parameters.


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